Do you learn differently than others? I do! I like to read aloud. Ever since I was little for me to truly “get” it, I would read my subjects aloud and with emotion. I think learning differently than others can be a bracha in disguise! You learn to take complex subjects and break them up into its smallest parts.

Chunking up a complex problem, into step by step learning activities is what I do best!
Learn To Read Hebrew Today!

By a yard, it is hard, by an inch a cinch!

Learning to read Hebrew works like this too!

Hebrew is read phonetically, meaning each letter has a sound, and when blended together a word is made.

If a word is broken down to its simplest parts anyone could read it!

Want to learn to read Hebrew? Remember, by an inch it’s a cinch!

Read Hebrew words with me right away at Yeshivat Meor Enaim!

With our read Hebrew right away method, your confidence will go sky high!

You will be ready to dive in for more, enjoying the Torah in its original language!

Students of our, read Hebrew right away method, have told us their Hebrew reading is really taking off. They love the simple design, that takes them from want to be readers, to real readers. I love that people can read real Hebrew words that have meaning, with ease.

Esther Mandella is a Jewish, Certified Spiritual Coach. She is the Publisher of the Bestseller Emuna Judaism Magazine. Her heart is inspire her students with a love for Hebrew with Emuna! Find her Hebrew course at